Natalie Velez: Founder & CEO
Bella Unica Art Gallery and Events

Natalia (Natalie) Vélez is the Founder and CEO of Bella Unica Art Gallery and Events. She heralds from St. Petersburg, Russia, where she went to the St. Petersburg State Academy of Culture for a fine-arts degree. Natalie has worked for LG Russia’s marketing department and ran a successful education abroad business operating in 12 countries. She has visited and researched almost every major museum: The Louvre, The British Museum, The Hermitage, New York Metropolitan Museum of Art among others, and has a passion of all things creative. She founded Bella Unica to help find, cultivate and help young talent; promote international, national and local established artists, and to bring them and the business community together. She also believes in giving back and is a major supporter of Rapha House, an organization that helps rescue children from abuse and sexual trafficking. They have a three-tier program to prevent children from becoming victims, rescuing and providing counseling and healing for those who have been, and transitioning back into society.

Eddie Vélez: Founder & CMO
Bella Unica Art Gallery and Events | Success by Design

Edgardo (Eddie) Vélez is the Founder and CEO if Success by Design Marketing and CMO of Bella Unica Art Gallery and Events. Eddie has over 25-years’ experience in marketing, copywriting, graphic and website design, and is an author, blogger and ghostwriter. He has worked on Hollywood Projects like The Holy Bible on the History Channel, Son of God Movie promotion campaign, The Good Lie with Reese Witherspoon promotion campaign, The American Bible Challenge, The Gameshow Network, with Jeff Foxworthy promotion campaign, among others, and works with many authors, consultants and businesses.

Dee Perconti: President
Bella Unica Art Gallery and Events

Dee Perconti is Vice  President of Perconti Data Systems, a  St. Petersburg based software development company.  She was elected to  the Board of Directors of Rapha House, which is an organization that rescues children from trafficking in South East Asia and Haiti.  Dee and her husband have been advocating to stop child trafficking for 8 years. She is also a member of the St. Pete Glitter Queens, who have raised more than $300,000 for children's charities.  In addition, she is also a mixed-media artist who has shown her work at the Gilbert Chapel Gallery, The St. Petersburg Opera Co. Mirella Cimato Gallery, the Vinoy Hotel, Carrolwood Cultural Center and others.

She is pleased to have collectors nationally and internationally. 

Dee Perconti is proud of the work Bella Unica is doing to foster the arts in our area and to bring them to a new level. 

Megan Simons: CEO Founder
Pippa Pelure Boutique

the entrepreneurial founder and CEO of Pippa Pelure Boutique always has a strong and clear vision, combined with a sensual sense of esthetics in how to dress women of all ages and body types. How to make clothes become your best friends, the type of friends that make you feel not only stylish and comfortable, but also confident in any situation, from casual breakfast on the beach to extravagant evening in town.  

“My romance with fashion has its’ deep roots in my background, back in Europe, in early teenage years I had my own fashion book with designs that I created for myself, and my friends. My own style was always fashion forward with an inimitable personal twist. I always knew that looking good makes us all feel more positive, which naturally leads us to confidence and self-productivity. My goal today is to assist every woman to achieve their best possible potential. My reward is an immense smile of approval and pride when she sees herself in the mirror or comes back to Pippa Pelure happily sharing the great responses she received wearing outfits from Pippa Pelure."

Pippa Pelure

Pippa Pelure is a trendy boutique, providing a large variety of styles with signature sass & class. But, also strongly focusing on customer service and comfort of the woman’s wardrobe. The truth is that our customers become our friends, so Pippa Pelure is a place where friends meet friends, shop with undeniable passion, and leave thrilled, ready to conquer the world.